Johnson Class of 1999 Campaign Statistics

Each year Johnson class volunteers lend assistance to the school’s fundraising efforts by sending e-mails, writing notes, and making phone calls to classmates to encourage participation in the annual fund.

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Campaign Progress

43 donors (34% of goal)
Goal: 127 donors


$78,889 donated (60% of goal)
Goal: $130,430


Fiscal Year Giving Statistics

Number in Class 285
Number of Donors 43
Current Class Participation % 15%
Total Reunion Dollars Raised $78,889

Class Giving History

  Fiscal Year 2023 Fiscal Year 2022 Fiscal Year 2021
Total Donors 45 50 52
Total Dollars $1,088,367 $1,112,554 $1,129,500


* indicates member of the 1865 Society. Donors at all levels are recognized as members of the 1865 Society as soon as they have given for two or more consecutive fiscal years.

Two-Year Residential MBA
John A. Fekete *
Charles M. Harthan III *
Gloria Guo *
Steven Paul Jasa *
Robert Todd Moskowitz *
John A. Colella *
William Powell Davis II *
Michael Joseph De la Cruz
Philip H.F. Hsia *
Sameer Ramanlal Kothari *
Scott Andrew Magrath *
Sarah McDonald *
Richard M. Mynahan
Maggie Ralbovsky *
Eric Robert Schneider *
Drew Martin Schulke *
Michael Lawrence Torek *
Katharine Christmas *
Alex Christou *
Thomas Stephen Gellert Esq. *
Kristie Gebhardt Grinnell
Lisa Toyama Jarboe *
Gerald Anthony Longoria *
Cathleen F. Tobin *
Shannon J. Wadsworth
$499 & under
Justin James Bakule *
Gregory Bellinger
Chris Ferdinand Burmeister
Julia Pomeranz Gosset *
Yvonne Y. Hsu
Lily Wu Huang *
Heather Christine Kientz *
Tony Tsz-Chung Lau *
Kathryn Meredith
Enrique A. Palma *
Brian Saed *
Lawrence Patsy Sposato *
Cara B. Sroka
Ponsi Trivisvavet *
Francisco Varea *
John Paul Wolff
Masanori Yoshimura *
One-Year Residential MBA
Gaurav Mallik